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Types of Norwegian Jewelry - A Quick Lesson

Solje (pronounced sill'-ya) is the Norwegian word for silver. This refers to the traditional jewelry worn with the Norwegian bunad, the traditional folk costume. Like the many different bunads that represent different areas of Norway, so too, the jewelry has different shapes and styles to match certain areas of Norway.

Solje can be white with gold spoons or oxidized silver with silver spoons. There can be a range of large elaborate pins to simple delicate pins. Earrings can be made of simple spoons to layers of cascading silver. Collar pins offer a distinctive look along with cufflinks and rings.

It is always appropiate to wear solje. Whether that means wearing a solje bridal crown on your wedding day, donning your bunad and solje for Syttendi Mai, or adding a dazzling touch of dangling earrings when you go out for pizza, solje blends with your style!



Oxidized Solje

Pewter jewelry can add a touch of class with a contemporary look. Depending on how the pewter is finished, jewelry can take on an 'old world' look with rosemaling or viking runes etched in it. A brushed pewter gives the air of sophistication. Designs for pewter are also available in silver, bronze and gold.


Silver Pewter

Baltic Amber is another Scandinavian treasure adapted into jewelry. Most people are familiar with golden amber jewels, but that is just the beginning. Gold amber is the most common of the ambers. Green amber is less common and makes very distinctive jewelry pieces. Finally, white amber is the most rare, and the most expensive. Different grades of amber are determined by how clear the amber is. The clearer the amber, the less expensive it is. If your amber has insect larva in it, that is more valuable!


Amber Earrings

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